Browser activities

I was asked the following question in an interview:

A webpage is opened in a browser, when a url is clicked inside the webapage, it should be redirected to a new page. But it did not get redirected when the url is clicked. what could be the reason?

Pls help if you know… Thank you.


I guess some pop-up got blocked there because of that it didn’t open new web page.

May be… but what is the need to ask this in an Uipath Interview?


May be they want to see how you will implement this kind of scenario using UiPath.

How could we deal this in Uipath?

@Jeyalakshmi_KS, if popups are blocking the navigation to url’s then you have to get the approval to disable the popup- blocker and continue with the automation.

Based on the security there can be URLs that are not allowed inside your network premises. If that is the case, you will have to whitelist the url.