How to automate the web application that open new tab when clicking certain button in uipath

When automating a web application in UiPath’s modern design where clicking a specific button triggers the opening of a new tab, encountering the error “If: Could not find the user-interface (UI) element for this action” indicates that UiPath is struggling to locate the required UI element

Hi @Narendranathan_V

When you click on any element in first webpage it will redirect to another page.

→ If I am right, then insert another Use application/browser activity after the click activity which used to click on element on first webpage.
→ Indicate the redirected page for second use application/browser activity.
→ Open the properties of second use application/browser activity and change the properties as below.
→ Open - IfNotOpen
→ Close - Always
→ Input mode - Simulate
→ window attach mode - Single window.

Insert the activities inside second Use application/browser activity to do actions on redirected webpage.

Hope it helps!!

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