Navigating within the same url


I’m new to RPA and trying to figure out how I could automate some day-to-day activities.
I am trying to navigate within a link where the url remains the same in spite of making clicks within the page. Essentially, the url does not change based on the clicks I do in this page/app. Now, this is being an issue because click/Recording is not helping me make the clicks I need, which I am assuming is because of the standard url.
Has anybody come across this issue? Any clue?
I will not be able to share the link with you, because it is licensed and will not work for you.

Thank you.

@Divya_Anand Store URL in a variable and use navigate to activity than pass variable

Hi Indra,

Thank you for your response.
Are you trying to explain how to open the link? If yes, then I do not have any issue opening the url. The issue is with making clicks within this url. As I mentioned in my question, the url will remain same even after making the clicks I need. And these clicks are not working with click/recording.

@Divya_Anand I think in click selectors are changing dynamic use ui explorer and check

@Divya_Anand can you share the selector of the Click activity that was not working. It may give some insights.

@indra @ranjith Thank you. I tried to understand UI Explorer, the code remains the same for many levels. I believe, that is the reason why UiPath is unable to recognize the exact point of the click.
On the other hand, I tried Citrix to see if it recognized the point of click, it works, however, when I use “open browser” the browser is not displayed on the screen, it is minimized. How do I activate/maximize the browser so that the activity recorded in citrix can be implemented?

You can use ACTIVATE activity to display the browser on the screen. If you want to enlarge the minimized window use MAXIMIZE activity.

If you are automating a web application in your local machine where UiPath is installed, then Citrix recording not a good option. Since citrix recording uses coordinates to identify the visible elements.