Webpage navigating to broken Url through UiPath Studio

Hi All,

I am stuck with weird issue for which I am not able to find the root cause. I would need your guidance to handle this scenario.

I have a web application, after login and 2 factor authentication, I need to click on Accept Term page which navigates to Home Page of the application.

I dont see any issue getting to the homepage in manual steps, however when same workflow is executed from Studio, after clicking on Accept Term website is navigating to broken url webpage and workflow fails.

Any idea what is causing this? how to resolve/handle it?


Can you please execute the process in Debug mode and check step by step output.

I ran the process in Debug mode, and all webpage are as expected and bot is able to click right links until this broken page.


Are you sure Bot is clicking at the correct position ?

I did observe that redirecting urls between click on Accepting Term and Home Page are different while performing manually as compared to UiPath

Yes, Bot is clicking at the right position.


If Urls are constant then use Navigate To activity and pass that Url to it.

Note: Don’t hardcode Urls into the code. Instead read it from either Orchestrator Assets or Config file.

Did we try to close that tab or browser

If we want to close that currently opened tab then use a SEND HOT KEY activity with key as ctrl+w

This will close that unwanted current open tab so that bot will be able to access the elements in the tab page you want

Cheers @skg_161125

Application need to be opened in incognito mode. So if I close the browser/tab, I will have to do re-login, 2 factor authentication again.

But I found the issue where re-directing elements are different while performing manually vs running through UiPath. May be there is recent change in Application urls. I have recaptured the Ui elements with updated urls. Issue has been resolved.

Thank you @lakshman & @Palaniyappan for your inputs.

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