Bot Multiuser

Hi All
I need to get this answer urgently, apparently i cannot find the answer online. I have two unattended concurrent bot licenses(it is bot+studio license), and i want to install both on a single machine but on different windows users. when i try to install second license using msi or exe, it says that uipath is already installed(the first license is installed for different user on same machine. I dont have orchastrator as it is expensive. My question is that can i install multiple bots on the same machine but different windows users without orchastrator?if yes, then how can i install?Thanks in advance

Hi @Saqlain_Mubarik
If you want to run 2 Unattended Robots on the same machine, it is possible to do so. You only have to install the .msi once. Having 2 or more robots on the same machine will only work on a Windows server OS since you are only limited to one desktop session on a Windows desktop OS.

What you need to do is define the 2 Unattended Robots in Orchestrator based on the same Machine definition. For each Unattended Robot indicate a different windows user.