Black screen when RDP into remote desktop session

Good day.

I have encounered an issue with our clients Remote desktop RDP sessions.

It shows a black screen after the unatteneded BOT runs several unattended jobs, this is for Screen UI jobs and API runs.

I have done the following to attempt to resolve the issue:

  1. changed the remote desktops resolution from small to large in the Remote Desktop Dispally settings.
  2. Untick Persistent bitmap chaching by the experience Tab and select Connection quality automatically by the Remote Desktop Connection Menu.
  3. I have updated drivers by the Device manager menu.
  4. I have changed Remote desktop services by the local PC from Manual to automatic including the Remote Desktop Services UserMode Poort Redirector and Remote desktop Configuration which i both change from also manual to automatic.
  5. I have also attempted to RDP into the remote desktop that is showing the blank screen using another remote session. however we still get the same blank screen output. of which im am not able to Ctrl+Alt+Del to view a task Manager bar etc.

Could the forum please advise what could be causing this issue after several jobs run and cause a blank RDP session. Also note the blank screen does not cause any UI selector errors. so the BOT is able to have sight of the desktop when the UIpath assistant runs.

The main issue is that we are not able to pyshically view (Blank Screen) the desktop when we RDP into the machines.