Remote Desktop not running properly in a different PC

Hi, I have a problem using my RDP in a different machine.
So whenever I try to use the RDP in my PC, it’s working fine, but whenever I use it on a different machine, it stops at some point.
After a few analysis I came up with a conclusion, it seems that when I run the RDP on a machine that has the same resolution as mine, it works. Else, it doesn’t.

My question here is:
Is resolution really the problem here, or is there anything else we should be looking into?
If it is, how can I make it work for other machines?


Hi @UiP_Mc,
Are you using only activities based on UiElements or do you have also some OCR/Image based activities?

Hi @Pablito
I’m just using UI Elements such as click activities.

Can you check if the same problem occurs when you will mark “Simulate Click/Simulate Type” property for activity?

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