What after certification!

Hi everyone,
So I have completed the certification in uipath. But as of now, there is no big usecases for me to work on. Can someone suggest me a course which I can take in udemy or in any other place to keep increasing my knowledge, with lots of hands on??


May I know which certification did you completed ?

Have you completed Level 3 Advanced Training in https://academy.uipath.com and RPA Advanced Developer Certification in https://certificate.uipath.com sites ?

I hope you mean the advanced RPA certification
If so

The answer is UiPath FORUM
Here we can get the best exposure to all kind of scenarios with respect to all domains with different set of challenges
It would be amazing to know such

Cheers @Abinayaab

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Yes. I meant the advanced certification from academy.


Have you completed final RPA Advanced Developer Certification in https://certificate.uipath.com site ?


Why is it hard to believe or what? Why are you asking so many times?


If you completed all those certifications then it will show some badges provided by Uipath in your profile. I can’t see anything. That’s why am asking you completed which certification. Please don’t take it in wrong way.

That’s probably because I used my company mail id and not my Gmail Id. Not sure. Please suggest what to do next? I saw some courses in udemy. But the course content seemed very basic. I don’t know if that would be of use to me.

Hi @Abinayaab
If you completed all academic level certification
Eg Level 1,2,3
Then you can complete the
RPA DEVELOPER Certification

Then also uipath Academy is endless , it will update new courses rapidly so you can follow those all

There are many courses on uipath Academy you can follow


Got it now.

Daily check it in UiPath Forum and people will post different issues they are facing and try to give solutions to them. This is the best place to learn more and more.


You can get those badges whatever the mail id is @Abinayaab

You need to sent a request. here are the links



Hello @Abinayaab

First of all congratulations on the certification!!

So… what next?
Next is, as our friends here mentioned, engage with the community here and go through the questions people face around the world. They are from different backgrounds, different projects… so help them on their questions… start with the easy one and try to apply what you already know to their problem to see how it can solve their problem. This gives you real experience on how you apply the knowledge you have on real scenarios… it helps a lot to polish the knowledge we have and also to learn whole lot of new things…

Enjoy and learn more!! There are lot of friendly people here. Have fun


Actually, I completed level 1,2,3 and the certification as well. Now I want to improve my knowledge by keeping in touch. But sadly, I don’t have any big usecase to work on. So I thought I could take some other course.


Thanks. very useful. i didnt know this. now i have requested to join the group. :slight_smile: