Best way to build a VOICE chatbot that run UiPath?

Hello people,

I have to choose what would be the best chatbot system that is capable of running UiPath actions.

The finality of the project would be to trigger some Uipath action in a Voice chat bot.
It would be some kind of mix of these two projects:

This one for the UiPath action through a chatbot

This one for the voice input and reply

I’m new in the UiPath Community. I did the reboot challenge. So I know StudioX pretty well. I have developement background in Python, Javascript, Java, C… I’m putting my hand on Studio since a few weeks now…

Questions summary:
-Is there a way to make a voice chatbot that trigger UiPath robots (with or without dev and code)?
-What would be the best chatbot to do so?
-Should I learn stuff about Orchestrator to make this project?

Interesting idea! I’ve been playing around with this idea in my head for a while, but never got around to actually building it. I’m thinking combining these two tutorials should get you started? shows how to use Google dialog flow with “Text to Speech” and “Speech to Text” to run the conversation using voice. shows how to add web hooks to intents. You could probably use a webhook to call a robot, although as I said, I haven’t tried it yet.

From what I read of webhook of orchestrator: it’s just to get informations from Orchestrator, not to send information to orchestrator.

Maybe I didn’t understand well, maybe there is a way to send informations to orchestrator from an external app?