Dialog Flow + UiPath

Hey there !!! Could anyone help with my query ??!

I have built a chatbot in Dialog flow api.ai, I need that chatbot to work in my workflow with the help of Speech to the text where the input for the chatbot ll be in voice and the response from the bot ll be in a text to speech directly to the user. For example, it’s just like a conversation between two. Kindly help me with this query !!

Thanks in advance !!

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@lakshman @Palaniyappan @arivu96 please share your inputs if you have expertise on this.

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Just to give some idea, we have activities to convert Speech to Text and vice versa. So, you can implement them in the process and you can invoke any other workflow as well based on the requirement @Rakesh_Sampath. Let me know if you have any issues.

In the manage packages, just type SPEECH and you will get the required packages.

Where it will convert the speech to text so that you can pass the variable to the api directly

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I hope few days back we were facing some issue with the Speech to text activity from uipath team package right…
Were we able to resolve that
That would actually help you on this

Cheers @Rakesh_Sampath

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Yes sir, Now my doubt is how to connect that chatbot to uipath sir, my Chatbot is created with Dialogflow api.ai . How to connect that with our workflow sir ?