Is voice in UiPath Chat bot ( possible?

Hi Team,

I am able to develop a bot using ( with Integration of Google Dialog Flow and UiPath Orchestrator API.

Currently the bot is having only text option.
I want to enable voice into it.

when we launch the bot, I get the embed html code, I tried to edit it and enable microphone into it but iframe is not getting edited and the whole chat-bot window is getting appeared.

Please suggest here.

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@Abhinavpandey - The chatbot connector currently only supports text

Hi @karan,

ya, thats the issue.
i just wanted to know by some how can we add voice into that connector or UiPath has some solution to this .

It has nothing to do with UiPath. It is one of the integration choices with Google Dialog Flow. You can assign it to a phone number that will “talk” to you and “listen” to your voice for your inputs. You can also assign it as a Slack bot, where you can send “text” messages. There are more ways and choices too. All depends on how many types of “integration” choices you have with Google Dialog flow. The last time I checked, it had more than what I can possible imagine! And for each choice, you don’t have to rewrite the chatbot. Just choose and deploy!