Best Practice Webinar QnA - Managing Version Upgrade

As part of the Implementation Best Practice webinar series, a webinar was held on Managing Version Upgrade.
This webinar was for partner’s across India. The recording of the webinar is provided below and also the responses to the question’s that were asked during the webinar.
Managing Version Upgrade:

  1. Do we need to change the certificate while doing an upgrading an orchestrator?
    Response: There is no need to change certificate if you are upgrading your orchestrator. It will automatically take the existing certificate while upgrading the orchestrator.
    Reference Link: About Updating and Migrating

  2. Are there any known issues while doing the upgrading?
    Response: As such there is no known issue if you are upgrading from N-1 to N and the same method of installation on both place like (installer or script). If you are upgrading to 19.10, you need to check folder and Origination Unit structure . Also, you can read through other posts on our community where users have shared their experience and views.
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  3. What is Mainstream Support and Extended Support?
    Mainstream support . Customer will receive Incident support, security updates and Service Requests. Once the Mainstream support period ends, UiPath will offer only Extended support. Customer is required to update the UiPath Platform in order to continue receiving Mainstream support.
    Extended support . Customer will receive only critical security updates. Once the Extended support period ends, Customer is required to update to the latest supported version of the UiPath Platform. Upon agreement with Customer, UiPath may provide additional benefits to the Customer during the Extended support period, for a fee.
    Reference Link:

  4. 2018.4.2 Version support is available till what period?
    Response: and Reference Link:

  5. When we are upgarding to 2018.4, as mentioned the number of runtimes will be automatically set to 0 and we should update it manually. Is it because of the schedules? can please explain
    Response: It is not regarding schedules, it is related to high density robot concept.
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  6. To which type of customers FTS matches ?
    Response: Customers who want to try new feature at the earliest and are ready to upgrade frequently.
    Related link:

  7. Uipath Hyper care – is this free?
    Response: Hypercare is the period of time immediately following a system Go Live where an elevated level of support is available to ensure the seamless adoption of a new system. It would depend on the level of agreement one has, for example, if a customer is not premium customer, they can raise support ticket for any issue. Support team will look into the issue based on priority of ticket.
    If premium customers - there will be a dedicated TA. This will help them to solve issue on priority.

  8. Is the FTS version stable enough to upgrade ? is it possible to switch from LTS to FTS or vice versa?
    Response: Yes FTS is stable enough to upgrade. Switching between LTS to FTS or vice versa is possible but only from lower version to higher version.
    Reference link:

  9. After new release, do existing customers provided updates with no extra cost?
    Response: Existing customers will get updates without any extra cost.

  10. In case where DEV/UAT/PROD are implemented as Tenants on same Orchestrator server, what should be the approach of migration?
    Response: In this case you have to follow Parallel Upgrade methodology.

  11. Will be there be an impact if robots are running with older version but Orchestrator and studio are upgraded ?
    Response: No, there is no impact if robots are running with older version. But we would suggest to upgrade robot as well.

  12. Can you tell the difference between windows installer and platform installer both look to be the same.
    Response: Window installer only can be used to upgrade/install orchestrator whereas Platform installer enables you to update Orchestrator, Robot, and Studio
    Realted link: About Updating and Migrating

  13. Whats the url for licening model?
    Response: and Related link:

  14. How to upgrade Orchestrator?
    Response: and **Related link: About Updating and Migrating