UIPath Orchestrator 2020.4.3

Hi, We are still using orchestrator version 2020.4.3. Is it okay to still use the old version as we are not using any features that is not in the scope of the version we are using right now

The main reason why UiPath recommends to upgrade is the end of service cycle of a version. Once the version is outdated and deprecated, support would be difficult to provide and receive.

The older version which you are referring to use, if that us will in LTS support then you may use it.

Also, I encourage you to use the new features and interface as that is something which is going to be permanent. Downgrading the version, may be good for few months but at the end newer version will have to be used.

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Okay, thank you! I asked this because we are actually trying to avoid upgrading our orchestrator unless it is necessary because we have trauma in upgrading lol hahaha. last time we upgraded our orchestrator we end up 3days to fully upgrade it as we’ve faced many issues.

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Understand and truly respect your concern.

But upgrade might be avoided for few month and not forever.

Regarding challenges in upgrading, UiPath has configuration tool and orchestraror manager to help ease the process. Documentation below seems quite clear and helpful too.



Yeah, sometime due to company policies or some environment dependencies will make some issues while doing upgrade.

Few companies will use the older versions but to use the updated version always check the documentation which are already listed with UiPath

First start with the development environment and check if it is causing any issue

Every time UiPath release it’s new version means they have removed fews bugs arised and give more easier way for automation.

Atlast it’s the decision by the companies to whether upgrade the new version or not

Hope this may help you


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I would suggest to go instance by instance

Like first start with dev->test-> and then for Prod

Well that’s fine but it is good to migrate as it would have included new features and not just bug fixes

Pls refer all these docs which UiPath has provided to make the process easier and has given awareness on what needs to be considered and handled


Cheers @altheanicoletorno

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Hi. Sadly we only have production :frowning: Thanks for the docs!


In this case you can log the ticket to support as high priority and try to update with the supervision of UiPath Technical Team

Here is the link for UiPath Technical Team Support

Contact Technical Support - For Onpremises


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ohh that is possible? :o Thank you so much for this information. This will ease our anxiety in upgrading our orch!


If you have the Enterprise License then it is possible to log a ticket to the support team


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Yes, we have. Thank you again!

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