Best Practices - Update Maintenance

What is UiPath’s recommendation for best practices regarding update frequency for Studio and Bots? Orchestrator?

Hi @gseaman

This is a good question! But it is too broad a topic to answer all so I hope to address Bots only

IMHO, updates to Bots falls into two categories:

  1. Adhoc updates due to
  • production fixes
  • target application/system changes
  • unforseen data that bot was not correctly train to handle
  1. Scheduled or controlled changes triggered by
  • version upgrades
  • refactoring the bot for standardization
  • new governance rules
  • hypercare (post-implementation phase)

There are already also lots of best practices questions and answers. I have listed a few below, please search the forum for more.

Lastly, best practices should be customized to suit your organizational requirements.

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