Queries Related to UIPath Orchestrator Version Upgrade

Hello Team,
Currently i am Trying to upgrade the UIPath Orchestrator version from 2019.10 to 2021.4.
As with the latest Stable Release, There seems be some of the changes in the upgrade process.
So i am trying to list out the Queries Below.

  1. Is it Safe Restart the Windows Server on which the UIPath Orchestrator is installed. As Services Would be Running.
  2. Wanted to know if the UIPath Configuration Tool will update the orchestrator or it will be only Checking the Readiness and other Surrounding Things.

May be they are silly questions but our application is Running on PRD. So I could not take any chance while updating.

Thanks in Advanced.
Please let me know if any information is needed.

Thanks and Regards,
Nirmal Kachhia

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Hey @Forum_Staff
Can you please provide inputs for my Queries?

HI @nirmal.kachhia,

Looks like you are on enterprise edition.

If yes, then I would suggest you to raise a ticket on customer portal(link below) so that you can get proper support and queries answered for installation per your org settings.

Customer Portal | Home



The restart is safe but it is not required nor recommended, as far as there is no change in the database (which i think you won’t touch)

The UiPath configuration tool is helpful before and after migration, it’ll not actively perform anything. It’s used to du a check before and after migration to confirm things are alright, but it’s very useful.

Use orchestraror manager to migrate the data from 2019.10 to 2021.4. This will map the data from new application to the database. I think this of the most crucial step in migration.


Check below for the upgrade of the orchestrator

Also always take a snapshot of the VM

to answer you questions

  1. No need of Restart
  2. you no need to use UiPath Configuration Tool, all you need is to run the orchestrator msi to upgrade

Hope this may help you


Thanks @sonaliaggarwal47 @rahulsharma @Srini84 For your Valuable inputs
the Server on which Orchestrator deployed has Powershell version 4.0,
In-order to execute the UIPath Configuration tool, I will required Powershell version 5.1
To install the Same i will have to first execute msu file and then one restart is Required.

So i just wanted to know if it is safe or not to Restart the Server?
Thanks in Advanced,
Nirmal Kachhia

Well, I would say Yes, we have restarted the server once after we made some DB changes. I’ve been into infrastructure setup and according to me there is no harm to restart server but do only if it’s required and do when there’s no activity happening in the UiPath environment.

In your case it’s the powershell installation that will require a restart so according to me that would be fine to restart at the non working hours so as to make sure that, there should be no activity that gets stuck at restart.

Also, you can have a UiPath technical assistance to get a confirmation if you like to have that by raising a ticket using below link.

Happy upgrading!!!

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Thanks @rahulsharma We have Performed the Restart of the WebServer last week and it works out great. thanks you so much for the information.

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For future needs; Orchestrator has a Maintenance Mode to allow you gracefully shutdown/restart without causing any issues. A couple of notes about it:

  • It applies to the whole platform, so if you have multiple Orchestator nodes in a cluster it cannot be applied to a single node.
  • After disabling Maintenance mode a audit log will be generated with a list of Triggers that were missed during the window, allowing you to easily restart any jobs manually.
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