Batch Publish Project Tool

Hi everyone, i’d like to share my new custom activity. Feel free to use it and ask any questions

Please read the user manual in the link for details on how to use

This is a tool that lets you easily publish multiple projects to Orchestrator (Tenant/Personal folder) / Robot / Local folder

You can configure project details using the Excel config file and publish everything with one click

Details you can configure:

  1. Process name
  2. Release notes
  3. Where to publish (can have multiple options - can publish to
  • local folder
  • orchestrator (tenant or personal folder)
  1. Whether or not to publish
  2. Main sequence name e.g. Main.xaml

Example config file:

Also updates a log to record all the processes that have been published using this tool


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this is very useful since i have a project with multiple starting sequences and when i publish them i have to manually set the main sequence each time :smiley:

Thanks. if you have multiple main sequences you can do something like this to quickly publish them

the package has been updated to version 1.0.1 for a small bug fix

Currently in this version if publishing fails, it wont notify you of the error, if your project isnt published please do the following:

  1. Find the project folder in C:\Mass Publish Tool Config. E.g. if your project is called “ABC” there will be an “ABC” folder here.

  2. Find the latest .bat script

  3. edit the script by adding “cmd /k” at the bottom. this will make it so that the command prompt wont disappear once the script ends


  1. run the script

  2. the error message will display in the command prompt

I have submitted a new version with error handling in case the publish script fails, will notify once the uipath marketplace team has published it

New version 1.2 has been published

Notification if error occured for at least one project

Status (Success and fail reasons) included in log


if your main xaml is in a folder
e.g. FolderA\MainA.xaml

please in your config file write it as

to avoid JSON parse error