How to publish a process from studio to Orchestrator?


Could you please let me know how to publish a process from studio to a Orchestrator?


You can click on Publish botton in ribbon and select the version


this is a new version that I want to publish from a different machine.


Then you can upload the package from orchestrator


Hello @aishwarya1

You can watch the below video to understan the steps for configuring and to publish the projwcts to orchestrator.

UiPath - How to connect UiPath to Orchestrator|Run Process,Jobs & Triggers|UiPath Licensing

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Before publishing the process to orchestrator we need to verify the following things…

  1. Studio connected to orchestrator or not…
  2. The classic and modern folders enabled in orchestrator or not…
  3. Make sure we’re publishing it to the correct folder…
  4. Verify and remove the unwanted variables (Best practice)
  5. Remove the unwanted dependencies…

Then publish it to the orchestrator…
Add the robots to that folder…

And run the process from orchestrator


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