How to publish processes in orchestrator using command line?

Hi All ,

Is there any way that I can publish UiPath processes on orchestrator using command line instead of using UiPath studio?

You should check this topic:

Yes, there is.
You need to do that in two steps:
1/ Package the process
2/ Publish the package to oechestrator

I use a combination of CMD script and Powershell as in attached ZIP (3.0 KB)


ok , let me try that .


There are 2 ways

  1. using the studio commandline exe
    ./UiPath.Studio.CommandLine.exe publish --project-path ‘C:\Users\saju\Documents\UiPath\BlankProcess\project.json’ --target OrchestratorTenant

  2. using uipcli
    ./uipcli package deploy “C:\Users\saju\Documents\UiPath\packtest-saju2\Package\test.1.0.1.nupkg” “” " " -A “” -I “” -S “” --applicationScope “OR.Assets OR.BackgroundTasks OR.Execution OR.Folders OR.Jobs OR.Machines.Read OR.Monitoring OR.Robots.Read OR.Settings.Read OR.TestSetExecutions OR.TestSets OR.TestSetSchedules OR.Users.Read”

hmm html formatting is messed up in here
for the uipcli command above
after -A pass your organization name within quotes
after - I pass your external application id
adter -S pass your secret key