Unable to publish process to Orchestrator

While i click publish in the Uipath Studio, I get the following error:

Project cannot be published. LineOverride file has validation errors.

System.Exception: Project cannot be published. LineOverride file has validation errors. —> System.Activities.InvalidWorkflowException: LineOverride
at UiPath.Workflow.ViewModels.MainViewModel.CheckProjectForErrors()
at UiPath.Workflow.ViewModels.MainViewModel.PackAndPush()
— End of inner exception stack trace —

Note I am using the community version.

Hello there,
Please refer this

Main.xaml was missing. Thanks for the update.
I have another query here, after the project got published, i don’t see it in the Orchestrator Proceses.
Am i missing any link here?

I am using community version.

Hope you have connected robot to orchestrator with same user id.
If still doesn’t appear then you can manually upload the package to orchestartor and then you can proceed further.

For more on process detail check here.

Appreciate for your quick reply.
How do we create the connection between Robot and Orchestrator?

I have studio and orchestrator community version in my system
What is this .msi? Do i need to install anything specific for Robot.
Please let me know. I am confused now.
Share me the link/file if any to install.

I got the Robot - Orchestrator connection done.
I am no able to see my Process, which i published in the studio.
Initially when my robot was disconnected, i could see my process in the Uipath robot clicked from system tray UipathRobot_Process

But after connections with Orchestrator, I dont find my process. Neither in the Orchestrator nor in the uipathrobot.

Where are these Process getting stored, once published from studio? I dont see any path in this attached dialog box.ProjectPublished

Hi @Malika,

You have upload your package CREATE_SALESORDER, I can see it :slight_smile:

The Packages page displays all the projects published from UiPath Studio, as well as the ones that were manually uploaded. For more information, see Publishing a Project from Studio to Orchestrator. A project becomes a package when it is published to Orchestrator.


The next step is to create a process which uses that package:

The Processes page enables you to deploy an uploaded package to Robot environments, manage previously created associations and keep all your processes up to date. This helps you distribute packages on the Robot machines and execute processes faster from the Jobs page.

Please, go through these links:


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Packages - Sign in to MyGet - MyGet - Hosting your NuGet, npm, Bower, Maven, PHP Composer and Vsix packages

For more

Thanks a lot for the update


I had an issue similar to this where I published my process and it showed up in the packages, but when I went to add the process it didn’t show up on the drop down menu.

Start typing the name of the process in the field.
Once I typed the first few letters then it showed up to be selected.