Is BalaReva.Excel.Activities are not provided by UI path, are these third party activities and could be a threat so please confirm?

Hi @Rajvir,

Thank you @Rajvir to look about my package.I have developed the package to the UiPath users.
The BalaReva.Excel.Activities are not provided by UiPath . As of now the activities are reached the more downloads that you can see in the below.

You can get to know about the activities and reviews in the below link.

If you have any doubts about the package and activities , you can ping me here.

Thank you


Hello Bala,

Thanks for sharing this package. I tried to change row width using AutofitRows and it works for specific rows like {1,2,3}. However I wanted to change the width for ALL the rows. How can that be done?


Hi is there any formulae to write british,asian etc as British, Asian in to an excel