BalaReva is a vendor in UiPath Marketplace

Dear All,
Now BalaReva is a vendor in UiPath Marketplace.

I’m excited to share that my activities for Excel automation have been enhanced and are already available on UiPath Marketplace. BalaReva - Excel Automation for Enterprises will help you automate all kinds of Excel tasks. Also, I’ve successfully completed the UiPath security checks and now offer official support for the users of my activity package.

  • The package helps to accelerate the automation developments across industries and domains, helps automate efficiently across the company, reduces the development time etc.
  • The package has more the 100 activities. But here I am going to specify some new activities with benefits.
  • Dropdown Select - The activity has the feature to select the dropdown list from form controls.
  • Slicer - It has 6 activities to manage like slicer button, clear slicer, get slicer items, select slicer item, set slicer style, set slicer size.
  • TimeLine Filter - It has 6 activities to manage like clear timeline filter, list timeline filter, navigate timeline filter, set style, set visibility, set size, and position
  • Database - It has some activity to manipulate the data into excel as a database.
  • Text To Column - Excel that parses the text in one cell/column into many columns using a delimiter that can be adjusted.
  • Close All Excel - The activity close all excel application that is opened.
  • Combine Sheet by Row - It combines the 2 excel sheets by rows.

Have you used the previous version of my components for Excel automation? Let me know how they helped you by completing this brief survey. The best use cases may turn into a success story that will be featured by UiPath.

Thank you very much to all forum users and UiPath employees(@Forum_Staff) for giving very good support for my packages.



Congratulations :tada: @balupad14 . Well deserved.


Thank you @kirankumar.mahanthi1

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Great! Very useful package finally made official.

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Yes @krzysztof.szwed . Thank you