BalaReva Easy Excel Activities

[BalaReva Easy Excel Activities]a listing we’ve previously downloaded, has been removed from UiPath Marketplace. Can I know why and what is the best replacement that could be used?


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It’s still in Market Place search, so what you are pointing to?


Hi, @Jason_Thomas_IT and everyone searching for Bala’s Easy Excel Activities!

There’s now an upgraded and much-enhanced version of the Excel Activities listing. Bala has combined the functionality of two of his previous Excel Activity packages into one, including several new activities, not present in the older versions.

Also, now, his listing is enterprise-grade as it successfully passed all security checks (Content Review, Security Scans, Functionality Testing, Malware Analysis, Vulnerabilities in 3rd Party Dependencies Checks, Static Code Analysis, Dynamic Code Analysis, and Pen-Testing) and achieved the highest level of recognition from UiPath Marketplace – the Gold Certified badge.

Finally, the upgraded listing is supported by the publisher.

As a result, it has been decided to make the listing paid for Bala to gain recognition for all the hard amazing work he does on the Marketplace and as an honorable member of the UiPath Community.

The price is indicated per year and is intended for unlimited users inside the organization.

To explore the functionality of the upgraded package, start a free 30-day trial here.

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