It has the custom activities for the easy functionality of datatable under the namespace of DataTableExtensions.

1.Add Data Row Range.
2.Remove Data Row Select.
3.Group By Aggregation (Sum,Count,Avg, Max, Min).

Package: BalaReva.DataTable.Activities
Author: @balupad14

DataTable Group By Sum,Count,Max,Min,Avg
DataTable Add Row Range, Delete Row with condition where

Hi Friends.
Below you have Documentation and Sample attachment for the “BalaReva.Datatable.Activities”

You can find the Activities in DataTableExtensions NameSpace


  1. Add Data Row Range
    It allows to add collection of datarow into DataTable.

Sample File : (7.8 KB)

  1. Remove Data Row Select
    It allows to remove the data rows based on the Select(Where) condition from DataTable.

Sample File : (7.6 KB)

  1. Group By Aggregation(Sum,Count,Avg,Max,Min)
    The Group By Aggregation activity aggregate functions (Sum,Count,Max,Min,Avg) to group the result-set by one or more columns.

Sample File : (8.1 KB)

  1. DataTable to XML Document
    It Writes the Datatable into a XMLDocument .

Sample File : (7.6 KB)

  1. DataTable to XML File.
    It writes the datatable into a XML File.

Sample : (7.5 KB)

Note : To Know that how to add the Gallery Package into Studio. Please check it below.


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Here you can see the quick reference by the picture


Sum of column groupped by identifier

Hi Friends.
I have included some activities in the package of BalaReva.Datatable.Activities

You can see in the below namespace


The key advantages are below
1.ConvertInputColumn - When you read the data from excel , it is always string format. Using this property can able change the data type and do the aggregation .
2.NullValue - If you have empty of null value in the data. can able to assign the default value for it.
3.Select- It is place to keep the condition(Where)

Sample File (8.9 KB)

Let me if you have any errors.
I would be happy to get more suggestions .


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Hi @balupad14 ,

I followed the instruction in

but I don’t see a place where I can install group by activity…

Any idea? Thanks



Hi Lavinia,

I’m not sure I understand your requirement. In order to install the activity packs from the Gallery feed you can just search for the desired one.


Thanks! FOund it under Available -> Package Source. Installed it and now it disappeared in the package manager again. oh well. but thanks!


Set this as Gallery feed (if you don’t have CE):


Thank you! I actually did this,

But still won’t be able to see the rest of the packages that he built but I didn’t install. I will restart UIPath and check again. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


Hi @balupad14 ,

***Edit2: I found out that it’s because my column name has a space in it. Is there a way to go around it? ***

I have this error when using group by, what does that mean exactly?

Group By Aggregation : Syntax error in aggregate argument: Expecting a single column argument with possible ‘Child’ qualifier.

I output my original dt and did a messagebox
Looks like this


Edit: I tried to save it as in excel first and output as datatable but the aggregation still won’t work

Maybe it’s the datatype? How to fix that? Thanks

Thanks in advance!



Hi @lavint,

First of all I thank you to use my activities. And Sorry for my late reply .

I don’t know your real situation. You can able to fix this issue by renaming the column name. Here I have attached a sample for you with output.

File : (12.4 KB)


Note : Special thanks to @ovi to give the guidance that to configure the package to the user.



Hi @balupad14 ,

I am aware of renaming the column name but I was just curious if there is a way to keep my original column names with a space in between - seems like there is no syntax for it. Anyway, thanks a lot! And thanks for building this package! It’s awesome.

Warm regards,


Thank you @lavint


Hi @balupad14,

I am not able to install your package. I added gallery path as a source in Package Manager by right clicking it. However I don’t see it under any of the tabs in package manager. My Studio version is 2017.1.6682. Is it only suitable for recent versions? Please find the screenshot below. Though the text at the bottom of screenshot reads as “Showing available packages”, I don’t see anything to select. It is blank. Find the screenshots below

Can you please help me with it?


Hi @Selvasathappan,

Can you please check this ?




Can you please click the All and check it. ?



No @balamurugan. Still I couldn’t find it @balupad14. I also referred the relevant post earlier through which I came to know about your package but am not able to see it


Hi @Selvasathappan,

It is so strange .I think you are using the licensed version. I have the community version.But I will share my setting below



Yes. It’s a licensed version. Will it not be available for a licensed version?


No @Selvasathappan. I will include this conversion @ovi and @badita