For the Enterprise version (.msi installer) the Community Feed (Gallery) is not added by default like for the Community Edition (.exe installer). You can add it manually: right click on the left side in Package Manager - Configure Sources and add the feed in @balupad14’s screenshot there.

Let me know if this helps.


@ovi I have already added the gallery to source(configure sources) but still, it doesn’t show up in my package manager


What is the exact URL you used? And what Studio version do you have?


Hey thaks for the help, But how to write where condition in all the activity, any syntax or format ?



Before assign the datatable in the inputTable property. you can filter the datatable like below.

 NewDtTable= dtTable.Select("column='condition'").CopyToDataTable



Hi Balamurugan,

Would you please help me to get the sum of the column at the end of the last value. SumAtEnd

Much appreciate your help in advance.



Hai add the sum formula in the end using write cell.


Hi @balupad14

I have a datatable with 29 columns. I’d like to get Max(datetime) on 1 column, grouped by 7 columns, but also include the rest of the columns in the resulting table. Using the activity I only got 8 columns returned (the 7 grouped by + the 1 aggregated max)

Do you have any ideas on how to achieve this? Thanks!


Hi Sir maybe you could help me regarding my issue I dont know where can I find the balareva activities


Hi @ivonamaesurita,

Click the Gallery in the left side panel and type BalaReva . You can get the package.
Make sure the source that you have like below



I dont have the ‘community’ selection


Hi @ivonamaesurita,

Which version you are using ?



uipath studio 2018 2.4