How to sum value in cell?


I have DataTableRow in this format: USA, New York, Mark, 100USD

And I need to add it to another DT, but I have to check if country(row(0)), city(row(2)), name(row(3)) match up, then I need to plus the amount and not create a new line.

Please give me advice how to do it.

Hai @Olek1… Initially store Excel and get output as dt … Then use if condition like u mentioned if condition matches then sum the rows refer it
BalaReva.DataTable.Activities - #2 by balupad14

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Nandhura Hello!
I have problem in this example…Can you help me please…

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@Olek1… Go to manage packages… And update or reinstall the Excel activities

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Thanks for your help) Tell me please, Can I use it without Excel, only in DT?

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Hi @Olek1,

Go to manage and package and follow steps…


It will fix the problem…

Thank you

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