How to convert a table to pivot table with sum of a particular column

I have an excel file having date, department and amount spent by each department. I want to create a pivot table such that it has the sum of amount spent by each individual department and the total too. I have attached a sample file for clarity.Pivot Sample.xlsx (9.8 KB)

You can group by based on DepartMent column.
For grouping and take the sum refer this post

creating new datatable after grouping and taking sum of each group.
Now to take the sum of that particular column refer the below post


Sure! Thanks

Hi @jamnanin,
Take a look the below link. Can use single activity to do the group by


Hello All,
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Hello @Rajtk7 ,

I am looking for the custom Pivot Table activity by which I can add what goes
in column/value and rows.

I get error : “No package exist with this id in source…”