I want to have total count in excel sheet which is filled, till it reads "Grand total"

i want to have total count in excel range which is filled, till it reads “Grand total”
I want to iterate only filled rows till it reads grand total.

Pls help

if you have this is specific column you can achieve this as:
1.have a read range in excel:
2.add one assign initialize one int variable to 0
3.now have for each row to the output database of read range.
4.add if condition inside for each row as row.item(“Col_Name”).ToString.length>0
5. inside if use assign int_variable(which is created outside for each) int_Variable= int_Variable+convert.ToInt32(row.item(“Col_name”).ToString)>

above is for integer if you have decimal value then convert that to decimal instead of int.

Hi Divya,
what item here refers to…?
row - here denotes row which we give in for each loop?
My data table name I gave as small.

Thanks and pls help

Hi Divya,

Sorry not working. I want to read only filled, not empty ones


Try this logic


Hi Nan - You can replace any empty cells with zero in the specified column and perform the methods mentioned by either Divya or Vivek. Doing so you might save one condition of checking whether the number is greater than zero or not.

Hi @nanrajj,

Read the data into datatable and you the below activity to sum


Hi Vivek,
Thanks for the reply.
For this workflow, if I give writeline activity, below for each row loop, it shows error, and if I give within for each, it shows continuously.
And it didn’t stop, until it reads “grand total”

Hi @nanrajj,

You need to give the writeline after the for each row only. What error you was getting. Can you share the screenshot.