Background Automation on pop up window

Hi all,

I am new to UiPath and to explore how automation works in the background, I am creating a process which opens windows explorer and open C drive in another window.
I want this process to be done in the background.

Here I am getting this error


Please find the xaml here: (108.8 KB)

Hello there.

May I ask your purpose of wanting to open file explorer? There might be better solutions for finding, moving, or deleting files.

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To your question though, looks like when you do Win+e keystroke, it opens Explorer on The Computer therefore the selector is different than if you open Explorer from your taskbar.
See below:

So check your selectors.


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I also didn’t realize this before, but you have the hotkey inside the Attach Window, so if the window does not exist yet it can’t perform the hotkey:

I think you want the Win+e hotkey before the Attach Window, so it can open File Explorer first. My previous mentioning of the selector might be wrong and could be based on the User’s settings, but still keep in mind that Explorer can open differently on some machines.


Im not sure if Win+e will work for you.
I rather use a start process(explorer.exe) which does the same thing, then attach window and do all the clicks in background using simulate.

You can tweak you flow more to suit your requirement Main.xaml (10.6 KB)


@ClaytonM Hi Dear, Thanks for your reply. I

opening explorer is just an alternative of my actual work, I am working with Active Directory, so the requirements are same like after opening AD, the process should go in the background and perform the operation.

when I am performing the same without sending hotkey ‘CTRL+D’ it is working fine, otherwise, it is not.

Hi Nadim, I tried in that way as well, but once the window is minimized, the process is getting stopped and giving the same error.
Main.xaml (14.9 KB)

I’m not gonna say that UiPath can’t solve for your process to work with Active Directory, but you may also consider more scripting solutions like in Powershell for example. And, you can also use UiPath to call the Powershell script if needed.

Just doing a quick search there was one solution like this:

I don’t know your experience level of using scripts though, but it’s not too difficult.

I can’t really think of a fix for your current problem using Explorer, but if I think of something I’ll let you know. Ideally, though, explorer type work is best done in the background through scripting like using methods within Assign activities in UiPath or creating an external script like in vbscript or Powershell.


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Make sure the selector in the Open Application is correct. When it opens on my machine it opens in Libraries, not This PC, but maybe it’s just my machine being different.