How to show desktop window in uiPath automation

How to show desktop window in uiPath automation (using any valid uipath packages/activities only)
(I want to view the desktop window. [not the desktop folder path])

Thanks in advance


If you want to show the desktop then use “Send Hotkey” activity with “Win + D” keys.

If you want to open it in File Explorer then use Get Environment Folder Activity and open that using “open application” activity . click on the folder to identify it . In the “Properties” panel, in the “Working Directory” option put the path of the folder between"".

Thanks for your response.

But there is an issue with send hotkey Windows+D.

When I am doing windows+D frm some other opened window(eg:Chrome), it will show Desktop.
And if I am doing windows+D again, it will show the previously opened window (Chrome).

But if iam executing this from uipath, it will always show Desktop.(not going back to previously opened window)

I am not sure if this is an issue or expected behaviour of show Desktop(windows+D) shortcut.
Also have tried the similar option : Right click on Taskbar → Show Desktop. This is also behaving the same way as above.