File explorer manipulation by process activity

Hi guys!

First of all, I’m a bit new to UiPath automations. I’m trying to make a more visible automation with some clicks during the journey.

As a short summary: I am making an automation that is downloading pdf files from outlook, saves them into a specific folder from computer and then opens file explorer and clicks until it finds that pdf. (e.g: “C:” —> “C:\Folder where i downloaded the pdfs” and then clicks on the pdf. )

What I’m interested in is once the automation repeats itself and the file explorer is already opened in that specific path, only to continue with clicking on the pdf file.
I know I need an “IF” condition but unfortunately i cannot find the app of file explorer. With getprocess i find only processes and i’m struggling a bit with these.
For example: if app file explorer is already opened, then only click on the pdf file.

Any help would be much appreciated!


how about looking for the window instead of the process?
You can use an ‘Element Exists’ activity for a element that appears on your Explorer window, output is a boolean that you can feed to your ‘IF’

Many thanks for your fast answer!

I’ve already tried that and it seems it works the way I want. The issue with element exists is that it has 30 sec delay. Is it possible to shorten somehow?


In your activity properties, inside ‘Target’ menu you have ‘Timeout’. By default it is 30 000 (30 sec) but you can override this value with whatever you want.

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Worked very well, thank you!