Select File activity opens in background

When I use the Select File activity, it opens in the background, when I click on the window from the taskbar, it still stays in the background. I have to minimize all other tabs in order to get to it. The same thing happens sometimes with an input box. Any ideas on how to make it appear in the foreground?


@atevis Even I faced the same issue with the select file activity ,Have you found the solution for this ?

@atevis @sathishkumar191991 use delay for some time it will be okkey.


Hi @sathishkumar191991,

Which version of uipath you are working?? i am using 2017 for me its working fine.
can you update your uipath and check again.


@arivu96 I am using UiPath Studio with version 2017.1.6302.39717.
Even after introducing a delay then also it is not coming to foreground. Any Idea or sample xaml to solve this issue @Samurai @atevis ?

@sathishkumar191991 use active window


Hello ,

try this activity may be it will work for you :slight_smile:

Sample :smile: Sample_artefact.xaml (8.9 KB)


@vkuma110 It do works.
But Is it a good way to minimize all the windows using hot keys and then selecting file ?


I Can’t say this is a best practice or best way to handle ti s scenario but we can do like this we are working with multiple windows

if at any scenario we are working with some specific window like 2 only (IE, excel) and at place if window +D we can use minimize window.

summary :slight_smile: : this is manageable approach :wink:

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@vkuma110 Thanks for the swift response , Appreciate your concern.

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I tried using Activate Window, but it is still running in the background.
Iguess activating a window doesn’t make it go to the most top of all.

This worked in my case, but doesn’ work when it is Select Folder instead of Select File (Delay added too just in case).