Attach window error while running in unattended mode


I have been running a BOT which is showing below issues
It shows error with attach window for save as as shown below.
The issue is that it is not able to recognize the window below.

Can someone please guide.
Thank u in advance.



Welcome back to our uipath community.

Once give it a try with Attach Browser activity and indicate it once.

Hi Laksman.

Thank you.
Can we attach a popup window using attach window?

Its not a browser pop up i suppose.And i tried with attach browser.The pop us isnt recognized


What browser are you using ?

Internet explorer


What’s the error it’s giving you ? Can u share your xaml ?

Well to give a gist of the issue i am trying to resolve for over 3 days : When i download a pdf from a site,the site shows a popup to save as on my system.
No matter what i am unable to get this to work in unattended mode.

In attended mode,i tried “Get active window” and that worked.However that too doesnt work in unattended mode.

So i tried to attach window/attach browser to that “save as dialog” popup.
The BOT still throws an error saying it cannot attach.Just to add when i stop the execution and click on highlight for selector,it highlights.Then why cant it recognize during execution ?

How do we go about this.Any pointers would be highly appreciated.