Azure DevOps CI/CD Release pipleline best way to set up Assets

Dear community,

I have a question about the correct way to set up the assets into orchestrator from a Release pilpeline.

In the release pipepline I retrieve the published package who contains an Assets.csv file into.
The package is published into orchestrator with success, but the last step is setting up the assets.

To use the task UiPath Manage Assets I need the csv file. Should I open the nupkg (using powershell for example) and extract the Asset.csv file or there is another way ?


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I found a solution and I share it in case someone wants to follow the same path.

In the release pipeline I define the Assets as variables in Variables tab

In the tasks, after the UiPath Deploy task, I use a Powershell task do create the Assets.csv file using the variables previously defined.


$assetsFile = "Assets.csv"
New-Item -Path $assetsFile -Force
Add-Content -Path $assetsFile -Value 'name, type, value'
$assets = "DataFromMissionOrder_mailTo,text, $(DataFromMissionOrder_mailTo)"
Add-Content $assets -Path $assetsFile
$assets = "DataFromMissionOrder_mailSubjectFormat,text, $(DataFromMissionOrder_mailSubjectFormat)"
Add-Content $assets -Path $assetsFile

And the last step deploy the assets using the task UiPath Manage Assets with the Assets.csv file generated with the powershell script.