Configure Manage Assets task on Azure Release Pipeline


I am exploring Azure CI/CD. There’s an artifact being published on my build pipeline and this is being used in my release pipeline. I’m trying to have UiPath Deploy and UiPath Manage Assets on the release pipeline. I’m using an REFramework so the CreateAssets.csv file is located on Data folder.

Is there any way to do this?

Thank you!


Yes you can …

In the use a copy and you can store the data.cav file and then use it subsequently in the release task…those files can be added to sharepoint and gotten from there as well

In pipelines remember we can use other function add well…add and check the copy file or sp activities


Hi @_pjflo,

There are some screenshot and some general good to know aspects in this thread

Due to the issue we mentioned above, We decided to avoid the use of this stage in our CI/CD pipeline.

There is no point in updating assets on each commit and a Check would be a great addition.

Also the headers required in your asset.csv are Asset,Type,Description,Value

I think in the New version you can also use

Here is another thread on this topic