Automation website

I’m doing an automation on a web page, to enter it you have to enter a username and a password that is random and always changes, so I want the robot to start doing the process after I enter the username and password. How can I do it without the robot having to open the browser and the website every time I give it to run?
If not, do it from the page that I already entered?

I am not sure if i understood your question properly. You mentioned that your username and password always changes? In that case whats the source of this credentials. From where do you get these data to enter into the website?. You can basically have it in Excel File, Json File, Assets or take input while the robot is running.

Rammohan B.

Hi erika,
Correct me with my understanding that you want to manually handle the login part.
What you can do is that in your workflow use an element exists at start to find if application is already launched(indiate any element of home screen). If it returns true continue the next step of automation as login is already done. But If element exists returns false, You need to have a open browser activity to launch the login screen after which you can use monitor events/click trigger on the submit button. The robot will only resume once you fill the credentials and click the login/submit button.Also you can put in some validations here.

No, what I want to do is manually the login part since this password is obtained from a machine that gives a random code.

Hi. In this case, the element at the beginning that I could use would be an IF or a WHILE?

Use an element Exist which will return a boolean value.
Use that boolean variable in the IF condition.