How to automate login for any website

I m trying to build a bot which can login to any website if credentials are given.
Is there any solution available for this and what activity i can use for this?

Thanks in advance

@Balakrishnan_Gunasek - You may use the get password activity to store password and login.
Else use get credentials activity to get credentials stored in windows credential manager for more secure storage.
To open website, use open browser activity.
Use type into activity to type username and password

Hi, For automating the login for websites i think web recording is the best way and while recording it will automatically create all the activities needed like open browser activity or attach browser, Type into etc…You just have to change some selectors as the websites change dynamically.
If you find it useful mark it as solution and close the thread, any doubts let me know.

@meegha @Vashisht - Thanks But i need one bot which can login into any website when username , URL and password is given. (without doing any manual changes in the bot)

You would have to make this extremely robust to do what you want. The robot would have to be smart enough to identify different username and password fields with different selectors for every single site that you wanted to log in to. It would absolutely be quicker and less error-prone to make a login workflow per site as the need arises.

That being said, if you want to go ahead with this the best way (in my opinion) to start would be to check the entire page for “username” or “password” fields. If you can’t find any maybe try screen scraping with text position and check that data for keywords such as “username” or “password”. If that fails maybe try with OCR? You’ll have to anticipate any way that a site may configure their logon fields, it’ll take a lot of trial-and-error.

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Sounds to me like what your describing is the UiPath StudioX activity called getUsernamePasswordX.

UiPath and Credentials Manager

This activity allows you to access the Windows Credentials Manager system and pull out stored username password combinations. The credentials can then be typed into HTML input forms with the UiPath Type Into activity. Automate the click and you’re logged in.

PiP & Block User Input

I’d also suggest running the automation in Picture-in-Picture with the block user input activity so it can work in tandem with the logged in user.

StudioX Activities in Studio

Note that it’s possible to use UiPath StudioX activities in Studio. You just have to click the filter and choose Show StudioX.

Get UiPath Certified

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I think what topic starter really means is a platform agnostic way of authentication bot. That is really an interesting question with some security context :slight_smile: There are definitely some standard ways of saying to a website or application that you are the one who is authorized to access its resources, but given that there could be unique ways of authorization and this field is constantly evolving I think its almost impossible. Say, how would you automatically login to a resource that requires biometric based authentication?

Hello Daniel.

Please expound on this.

I am facing the same challenge as mentioned above.

Is there a way we can store the user input data and then apply to the website when logging in?

The use of the windows credentials manager isn’t effective in this case.

Hello Bala.

Did you figure this one out?

I need help.