Signing in to an account using UI Automation

Hello everyone!

I am working on a projects that test accounts on different sites. My problems are:

  1. On website A, whenever I log in the account then log out, the account remains signed in to the site. So when I try to test na next account, I won’t be able to do it since when I try to navigate to the login page, it lands to home page of the previous user.

  2. On Website B, it is actually a Microsoft sign in page, there are 3 entry points and I’m not really sure when the browser lands on a specific entry point. Sometimes when I open the browser with the link in it, it lands on 1, sometimes on 3.

Is there any workaround I can do with these?

Thank you!


You need to add element exists for each of those 3 screens adn depending on the output of the element exists activity use if condition to do the login according to the page it is in…

TO make it faster…you can use element exists in parallel activity and give the condition for parallel as bool1 Or bool2 Or bool3 then once one of it is identified it moves to next step and then you can use if codition to check each bool value and proceed with next steps

Hope this helps


Hi! Thank you for your reply, I will try that approach and get back with the result.

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