How can I select a login and password

I have 10 users who need to run a robot but with their user/password assigned to them.

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Can you elaborate more the issue to easily address the issue.

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I have a theft that is logged on a website. I need the robot to allow more than one user and password instead of only one password.
for example

now only the Pepe user can access the web. i need that when selling Juan user can intraduct the credentials and execute the programmed processes. But after a while when the user comes Jade can enter your login and password and run the automatic processes, so with different users.

Hi @Charly_Braum
You can take users Username and password using Input dialog. make sure to check Is Password while taking the password from user.

Could you give me a little example to see if that’s what I’m doing?

Ispassword InputDialog
You have to take the Input dialogactivity from activity panel. For password you have to check the Is password property of the Input dialog. and then you can use the output of this activity in the workflow.

thank you very much for the simple but elegant help

If I enter the wrong login or password, should I create a condition?


Yes you can. Indicate any element after successful login using Element Exists activity and will give you output as boolean value.

If it is exists then BOT logged successfully else unsuccessful login and again retry credentials.

thank you I have done the same thing that you commented but the problem is that when you enter the wrong password the second time the robot is waiting.

Can it be because we have to introduce in the condition a while?

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Else indicate that pop up window the one you are getting at the time of entering wrong password.

I’m sorry, but it’s hard for me. I can’t do it. You could set an example.

Thank you.