Using If condition in Web Automation in UiPath

Hey All, How can I put If condition for web automation like i am searching for a user in Website and want to validate whether the user is present in Application or not. Thanks in Advance

you should use element exist activity for check particular ui element available or not then you can use the if activity

Hello @shiva_raj2

Are you trying to enter the user name and password and then trying to check the accessibility to the user? Or the process is different?

If you need to go with the first approach, you can enter the username and password, then use an element exists to check the presence of the validation error message.

if error exists, then use doesnt exists. Else use exists.

It worked Thanks!!

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I used Element exists activity to check in browser and it worked well

Thanks for the suggestion

pick as solution if works

Glad you got the solution…Happy automation.