Anomality when trying to log into a site

Hello guys,
I have this really strange issue. there is a portal which I am supposed to build an automation around. On a normal instance the following must be done to successfully log into the portal
1.) Enter a user name and password
2.)click login wait for next page to load , enter token and click submit.

Now because i would be doing this with a bot a bot id and password was created but the bot token was disabled , so when i log into the same site manually using the bot credentials it doesn’t have to go through the token page.

Now back to my simple automation using type intos and clicks with the same bot credentials it displays the token page but when i try it again manually it does not. I do not know but its funny the site knows when its a robot typing or ??

Please help

this solved it a bit but it just started again Please if there any other suggestions or explanations why this is happens please post here for knowledge reasons

There’s a large array of techniques that internet service providers use to detect and combat bots and scrapers. At the core of all of them is to build heuristics and statistical models that can identify non-human-like behavior. Things such as:

  • HTTP Headers. Browsers send predictable User-Agent headers with each request that helps the server identify their vendor, version, and other information. In combination with other headers, a server might be able to figure out that requests are coming from an unknown or otherwise exploitative source.
  • A stateful combination of authentication tokens, cookies, encryption keys, and other ephemeral pieces of information that require subsequent requests to be formed and submitted in a special manner. For example, the server may send down a certain key (via cookies, headers, in the response body, etc) and expect that your browser include or otherwise use that key for the subsequent request it makes to the server. If too many requests fail to satisfy that condition, it’s a telltale sign they might be coming from a bot.

Try the communication type of your “Open Browser” to “Native”, some sites change id or “Webdriver” as bots request.

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Hello , I eventually realized it was something that had to do with the site , so i had to make my bot retry login a second time in a loop and it worked , thanks everyone

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