Automation use case help

Hello Automation Engineers :grin:,

I have automation use case.

The requirement is The bot has to open 2 servers and run some scripts . Here the trick is I am not supposed to install uipath robot in any of the 2 servers.

So I thought of installing robot in another server and connect the 2 servers through RDP.

Now I am trying to use CV screen scope to do the activities in the other 2 servers. Here the CV screen scope acitivity is not correctly indicating the server. I have also used fn+F2 and tried but not indicating the correct server screen.

Can someone give any advice on this? Whether I can continue using CV or any other solution can be done for this?

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you can try to detect the RDP window using the UiExplorer , if its detecting correctly
(I think you have already done that :sweat_smile:)
you can try to restart your main system(in which uipath is installed) may be it works.
Or try with another device , I had also faced similar issue sometimes had got resolved after a restart .
Following this thread for more suggestions from other engineers :slight_smile:

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I think CV activity should be working fine with rdp
But ensure that the screen is set maximised

Only then bot can identify elements and access them even though it’s with computer vision activities

Or try with hot keys
That’s another option to use

Cheers @Ashok98

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Any further queries on this topic @Ashok98