How to create Object Repository IN RDP/ VM and avoid multple CV Screen Scope

I am automating Inside RDP machine. As my cases are getting complex, every time i have to create more CV screen scopes for every process on similar window with little changes and i am not able to resuse previous screens from CV Screen Scopes. I need alternative method to do this , or need to create object repository How to Do that???

PS. i am trying to capture element using Object repository but it is treating RDP machine as single image and are not able to detect elements inside it.

any suggestions?


Even while creating in object repo…use the cv on top right corner so that it identifies using cv


Hi @jatin.singh

To detect elements in RDP, use CV activities there.

Also, have you installed remote runtime in RDP, so with little effort you would be able to work like normal elements there.

Studio - About Native RDP Automation (

About UiPath Remote Runtime