Hi everyone, I need some guidance since I am now working on an RDP machine.
I have to use a VPN to access the client’s virtual machine via RDP. We have installed UiPath Studio on that RDP, and we are creating processes there using CV scopes because regular activities aren’t working there. However, sometimes the CV scope selectors work properly, and other times they don’t.

If you installed Studio and are opening Studio on that machine and building an automation, it’s just a normal situation - you don’t need to use CV. You use CV when you’re running the job on Machine A which needs to click around in an RDP window that’s logged into Machine B.


You can install UiPath Remote Runtime on RDP and you can automate application like local applications.

CV activities are tricky to implement.

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but we are working on a desktop application where we are not able to click by using a normal click activity.

Thanks Ashok,
But the concern is that we don’t have an enterprise version,we are working on a community version.


Community version also have remote runtime. Check in help section of orchestrator.

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No they aren’t. You don’t even need the CV activities any more, it’s built right into the modern activities as a type of selector. And it’s very simple to make CV process locally instead of cloud.

Machine A - your computer
Machine B - the RDP server

Where is the job running? A or B? Are you remoting into B and then running the automation, or are you running it on A and it opens RDP and interacts with the app via RDP?

I agree with ashokkarale, try to avoid CV implementations because it can be affected by simple things like screen resolution, focused part of the page, color scheme etc. In a recent process I developed I had to use a citrix machine with Remote runtime installed and though it is limited it can scrape the applications etc do clicks writes dropdown lists etc.
One recommendation I can share is there was no way to use actions like delete file, move file, start process, end process etc inside the remote machine (afaik). My workaround was to pin the Windows +r run command utility to the taskbar and whenever I needed such action my robot would start Windows run command utility by clicking the shortcut and type in the command to kill a process for example
Hope it helps