CV Screen Scope under locked screen

My CV Scope activity works perfectly fine if the BOT runs in a logged in session, with screen active.

However, if I lock the computer and run the same activity, CV Scope is timing out! Any suggestions my friends?

I tried all these but none fixed the issue:
Delay - to make sure the page elements load fully
Element exists before cv scope - indeed the element exists
Wait for ready - all three options tried


If you have installed your studio and robot in user mode then it requires a user to be logged in to execute jobs

The moment you lock the screen, the orchestrator can no longer communicate with the robot
It should still work if you lock the screen after you started the execution, or with a windows scheduler set to start the process from the command line after you lock the screen.

For more details on user and service mode or robot service have a view on this doc

Cheers @Kiran-Kishore

Thanks for your prompt response Palaniyappan.

I can confirm that this not the issue of installation mode. I have other jobs that run fine under locked screen. The issue occurs only with the CV scope activity. All other normal activities (click, type into, etc.) work fine under the locked screen.

Also, I am not even using an Orchestrator to execute this as of now. I simply hit run and manually lock the screen - everything runs until it reaches CV Scope and stops.

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please try the following:

  • make sure the robot is installed as a Service on the machines where the CV automations will run.
  • make sure that in the Orchestrator Robot Settings you connect to the machine on which you’re using CV with a pre-determined resolution, ideally the one used at design time, for example width 1920, height 1080 and 32 for the bit depth.
    Once you set a resolution for the robotconnection, make sure to restart that machine if current Orchestrator sessions are already taking place (changes take effect after robot session restart).
  • optional step if not already set: LoginToConsole should be set to value “No”. This will ensure the type of session is RDP as we need interface to capture images with CV.

Cheers @Kiran-Kishore

A little confused here @Palaniyappan. I am not even using Orchestrator here. As I mentioned earlier, I am just executing it manually and locking the screen. Do I still have to perform/check these steps/modes?

Hi @Kiran-Kishore
For the ComputerVision automations to work they need to take screenshots of the screen.
You first need to log in / unlock the screen so that what is seen is the application that you need to automate.


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Thanks for your reply Paul.

Does it mean, CV Scope and it’s activities are not a good fit for an ‘unattended’ automation? By this, I mean: scheduled jobs on a host computer which locks (obviously) itself out after a certain time.