Unable to indentify the error

Dear All,

I am trying to do an automation where (related to work)

  1. I login to the server using the RDP
  2. Open the services
  3. Restart the Apache Tomcat services

So far I have come across is I can login to server using RDP, the one where I’m stuck how to proceed further is I am not able to use the CV scope properly. Because I saw this in the uipath forum and was guided to use computer vision. I used the CV scope and I am getting an error. Let me share the screenshot.

I have entered the other API keys from the UIpath Website (cloud.uipath.com) and that also does not work. Could you please let me know if this issue is related to selector or due to CV scope?
Looking forward for your response

Deekshith L

Hi @Deekshith_Lakshminarasimh

Are you using the latest version of the UIAutomation activity package?

Hello Maciej,

I have not updated UIPATH to new version of UIAutomation activity package. Do you think that would solve the problem?

This depends on your current versions, but generally yes, it is the least invasive way you should try first and see.