Automation in windows 10 not working

Hi There,
I am new to UiPath and trying to learn how things works. I am using it on Windows 10 and the studio is started under Admin permissions.
When I am trying to run the screen recording using Desktop or Basic mode I am not able to select from start menu or desktop.
Also I have tried to run the Calculator sample. It open the calculator app but it is not able to press any buttons.
Also I have tried to use the UiExplorer to find out the selectors not able to identify the selectors for Windows 10 applications (Calculator, Explorer, One Note etc)
How ever I was able to use the selector in a chrome window and extract the text from there.

Any Help how can I workaround this issue ?

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Might still be this

Switching to 2018.1 might help.


Hi @vvaidya

I have downloaded the latest version 2018.1.1 and its not working (screen recording) I have used the data scraping with Chrome and its Extension it works fine.
Is there any solution for Windows 10 / metro apps ?
Also there are no selectors for Edge browser.


It’s been while (more than four months) since answer of this post’s question is No.

Even today, with version v2018.2 (community edition), I am facing the same issue.

Does that mean issue with Windows 10 metro apps hasn’t been resolved yet?


Thanks for sharing this information, gonna install 2018.1. Hope it will work for me. I’m very confused how make things right in UI automation in Windows 10. Hope someone could help. Go2top Omnisphere 2.

I am having a similar issue with Windows 10 Pro. I am unable to use the recorder to perform simple actions like selecting the calculator from the Windows start menu. It appears this is a known issue that has been outstanding for over a year. Is there a fix? If not, I don’t know how I can move forward with my evaluation of the software.

Hi @sraeder

What Studio version is it?

Could you try updating your activity packages to the newest versions?
It is tricky to debug an issue that doesn’t really throw an error, but I’m sure we can manage :slight_smile:


Could you confirm that all activity packages are updated to latest versions?

Especially the UiAutomation one.

As far as selecting from Start menu and Desktop, this is a known issue with Windows 10. Normally there is no need to automate Start menu though, so it is not that big of an issue.

In your case, I would suggest using this activity:

You simply have to add it to your workflow, have a Calculator running, and then point to it. It will automatically find out the path to the .exe file of the program and allow you to run it.