Basic recording feature not working


This morning I got an update to UIPath studio (2022.4.4) and post updating I was trying to perform a simple basic recording to type text to notepad and what I see is I don’t get the below pop up to enter text post clicking on the text screen.


All I see is the below and nothing happens on click into the text screen.

Also I was not able to select individual tabs like we used to do before as it selects the entire ribbon


Am I missing out on anything or is this something new or is this a bug in the update?

Hi @mcashwin

could you restart your studio once and give a try ?

Yeah have tried and its still the same, have you tried to repro on the updated version?

Try to change the UI Framework type


Try to change the UiPath.UIAutomations version.

Thank you, That fixed it for the text entry, But if have to select File, Edit or View separately, any other configuration to address that.

As of now this is how I see it

You may check with Keyboard shortcut keys, or click types.

Is this something new in the updated version,

If I toggle to image, the text entry feature works
and if I toggle to image, I can select individual menu bars items(File, Edit, View), but text entry doesnt.

Well, isnt it pain to keep switching these while you are recording.

Selecting the entire region I believe is part of desktop recording, isnt it.

This looks like a bug to me

The selector’s recognition is behaving differently in different machines. It is your responsibility to check and maintain the selectors. We are giving only the needed tools, the rest is up to you to choose the optimal solution for your machine.

Hi @mcashwin

Would you mind your UIAutomation package version? I’ve just tested on Studio 22.8, with UIAutomation 22.7, and the experience is much more improved :slight_smile:

Could you please try with the latest UIAutomation package and the Modern experience?

Hello Maciej,

I am new to the tool, could you help me with the steps please.


Please navigate to the Package Manager via the Studio ribbon where you will be able to upgrade your project packages.