Problems with selectors Win7 vs Win10

Hi, in my company we are running one development system with UiPath Studio on Windows 7 Enterprise, and the second one on Windows 10 Enterprise.
The one with Windows 7 have problems getting the proper selectors from a legacy app we are automating, while the one with Windows 10 works fine. We’ve tried all the UI modes, no luck on Windows 7.

Moreover the robot created on Windows 10 (with selectors) won’t run properly on Windows 7. In runtime it’s looking for selectors in different place they really are.

Any solution?

in Both machine are you using same version of application.?

You can ensure extensions Java, silver light etc., Installed in windows 7 machine.

You can compare both selector windows 7 and windows 10.

Thanks for the tip. Will check this and report back. The automated app is written mainly in java. The system with Windows 7 chooses different selector and outlines different place when indicating the valid element.

@ Divyashreem. Yes both systems are using the same version of the app, and same version of UiPath Studio. It’s strange that system with win 7 won’t recognize selctors created on windows 10.

Hi @Sparrow,

In different environments, the titles of each applications might be different. Whichever selector is throwing error, you can use wildcard or you can open the selector and use attach live element and select the current element.

Thanks. In windows 7 it’s actually impossible to catch a selector. The ui element won’t get highlighted, but random things around get highlighted as selectors.

The app is written mainly in java, but win7 and win10 don’t have jre installed.

As a workaround we are using citrix automation techniques but we’d like something with more control over ui elements (like get child elements etc)

If it is Java applet, you are rite. We need to to go with Citrix automation only. In this case Hotkeys and relative click/scraping also might be helpful for you :slightly_smiling_face:

But how come it works fine with selectors in Win10?

If you are not able to choose ui element for java app in ui studio (ui explorer) it means you have problem with uipath java extension. Try to reinstall and troubleshoot it.

So if you are using Chrome, just try reinstalling the Uipath Chrome installation, enable the extension, Restart the Chrome and try again.

Hi Comnunity. Unfortunatelly installing Java Extension didn’t help. The app is legacy (not browser based).