Automation Challenge- Invoice Extraction (Need Help!)

Hi guys!
I’m stuck with one challenge.
It’s the challenge Invoice Extraction ( and I’m facing very difficulties, can’t use the power of intelligent ocr because I need fcdot file, and for that is needed paid abby FlexiCapture…I’m trying with regex but isn’t intuitive and I’m just getting some things, someone did this challenge succesfully? Or someone can help= If yes,can you share/say please?
Thank you all!

You can use “Computer Vision” (need install package and configure)

Best Regards

This package isn’t just for use in virtual environment?

you can use for any case when you need read images or type into citrix environment (in case of you don’t have citrix plugin). its very accurate tool because it anchor automatically itens in page.
You can use it in citrix environment, images, pdf, RDP connections, etc…


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