Invoice Process Automation



Hi, I’m new to UiPath. i have to create a invoice automation which means extract a data from different types of invoice image pdf file and put it into a SAP.Please tell some open source OCR for effective recognition of image type pdf and give the efficient method and steps to create an invoice automation. Thanks in Advance. @arivu96 @aksh1yadav @badita @ovi @Vlad


Try with Abby and I am not sure about the accuracy of extracted data.


In my opinion, Abby Cloud OCR is the best engine you could use. But you need a paid license to run it.



thanks for your reply. Pls suggest some open source OCR which is best with UiPath. @Lucas.Pimenta


whichone to i install abbyy finereader or flexi capture. @Lucas.Pimenta @harinathreddy.yn


I haven’t used Abby yet bro so I am not able to suggest you, will see if any one who has used it may suggest.


Open source OCR’s will not work as expected.


Thanks for your reply Bro…


Hi Prakash, did you try the Abbyy Flexicapture already? How was it?

In case you have a variety of formats, I think you should also consider using OCR APIs, there is a couple of AI-based services available in the cloud that have the advantage that they do not have to be manually configured and are template-agnostic.

There is a couple of such cloud services available - like Abbyy Flexicapture for Invoices (a bit different from normal Flexicapture), SMACC or But I think the best option to try (in terms of accuracy, traction and ease of setup) is Rossum Elis, which integrates with UIPath directly and quite easily - see for an example .

(Disclaimer: I’m affiliated with Rossum.)